bad user agreement flier describing the call for submissions


METROPOLARITY is seeking participants for an upcoming inquiry to be published in the Journal of Speculative Vision & Critical Liberation Technologies.

Are You Experiencing Feelings Of:
√ Guilt or Shame
√ Anxiety
√ Nameless Frustration
√ Fininacial Doom
√ Self Harming Ideation
√ Truancy
√ Murderous Raging
√ Near-Total Dissociation
√ Forgetfullness
√ Compulsive Scrolling
√ Hypervigilance
√ Forced or Pressured Speech
√ Paranoia
√ Nihilism or Not Caring
√ Losing Time

These may be symptoms of living under one or more Bad User Agreements. Common examples of predisposing factors that increase the risk of experiencing a Bad User Agreement include:
√ Filling a prescription
√ Attending an appointment with a medical profesional
√ Enrolling in post secondary educational programs
√ Getting married
√ Paying into your social security fund
√ Existing as Black, Indigenous, Poor, Trans, Disabled, etc.
√ Opening a bank account
√ Searching for housing
√ Leaving your cell phone on for extended periods of time

DUE BY FEBRUARY 14th, 2018
Send experiential materials, dreams, memories, premonitions, cautionary tales, fantasies, and any supplementary self surveillance materials to METROPOLARITY at GMAIL dot COM with subject line “BAD USER AGREEMENT” and any of the following attachments:

.otf .rtf .doc .docx .txt .wav .mp3 .mp4 .jpg .gif .png .pdf .html URL

Participants will receive at no cost:
$$ • 2 copies of the published inquiry
$$ • Financial compensation as determined by number of eligible participants.

Disclaimer: For safety purposes, participation in this inquiry will not require genetic, bio-political, or social mediated data. Participants maintain the right to manipulate any of their own identifying data as they see fit.