A benefit for Sassquat, a community queer DIY house/movement responsible for many of the west philly undergrounds greatest moments, and for Laser Life (queer sci-fi reading series) upcoming anthology

“The earth owes me nothing. I owe the earth.”– Vinne Paz

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To fellow queer super-heroes, wanderers, listeners: when they danced, i held up my fist to attract lightning i was an antennae for god, just there, present. i couldn’t hear drums and voices, i made no notes in my moleskine, i didn’t strain for lyrics or “meaning”. I just was. There was just soul opening, movement, rage, honor, and meditation; my heart was a queer spire and every “-ism” and “-phobia” fell away, I was.

Alien alert! Sci-Fi seamstress, weaving wild tales channeled from the divine ether, this wordsmith speaks to cosmic minutiae populating the other’d dimensions with pure verbal acrobatics over futurist beats ringing clear like breakbeats pounded out on Cybotronian lunch tables.

What is EDM to the mother of Moors? What is a punk rocker to one who casts spells? A mere beat-maker to a shaman? Then an emcee to a Goddess? The good in all these things, the fire and the noise

Like fireflies rising through cracks in cement, a tree birthed in ruins of a long forgotten warehouse, GSGA gives us blissed out drone pop, from pennsylvania’s industrial north.

Roiling chaotic drums, lascivious bass, strange experiments and, above all, complete frenzy, collude to bring us this meddlesome twosome. Wild, focused and free

Blue flame. When you see the blue flame, meditate on the blue flame. A fool in your life acting up? Blue flame: fool is gone.

Some how, after days of bashing and wailing, through a maze of broken string and apoplectic tantrum, this amalgam of pre-calculus homework, dizzy punk and robot rebellion is finally punk and ready to tear off heads.

sound, digital collage/video, textile, object design for a new future, diasporan design, and speculative fashion to create a container for mind-transformation, subversive de-colonization, and ancestry communication.

The anthropomorphic sprite of a 100,000 words of light, unveiling a sonic journey through the afterfuture.

Kinetic Kemetic sound blender, the rare dj who’s mixes are as meticulous as they are boundary pushing, as tight as they are genre bending, and as freaking nasty/fun as they are curated!

hosts/readers: METROPOLARITY


$10///no one turned away for lack of $//benefit for Sassquat, a community queer DIY house/movement responsible for many of the west philly undergrounds greatest moments, and for Laser Life (queer sci-fi reading series) upcoming anthology

**This is a safer space, bros fall back!**

The Sent(A)Mental Project is a memorial to queer and trans* suicides. It hopes to bring visibility to mental health issues and much-needed attention to the thousands of people lost within our communities, as well as share survivor stories through a variety of artistic expressions. Members of the Laser Life queer SF collective were invited to perform at a S(A)M benefit show on 24 May 2012, along with an small array of other artists. Rather than read individual stories, the Laser Life crew decided to collaborate on a three-piece tale, woven together with a common universe but written in each person’s respective style. Below are the live recordings from the event:

The Weeping Cabin: A Benefit Compilation is a collection of live, exclusive tracks from performers featured at the Sent(A)Mental Benefit Show at Geppetta’s Studio, May 24th 2012. The compilation features downloadable tracks from Emily Bate, Shomi Noise, and Liz & the Lost Boys plus sci-fi spoken word from Laser Life and an excerpt from a performance by a stick and a stone* with full album download. The compilation is an eclectic mixture of voices and styles ranging from indie rock to haunting folk, riot grrl to dystopian science fiction. So very swoon worthy.

Initial proceeds will go to production costs for ‘There Was a Cabin Who Once Wept‘, a short film in-the-works, with additional proceeds benefiting the Sent(A)Mental Project: an artistic memorial to LGBTQ suicides. The film project will be a submission to S(A)M.
“There Was A Cabin That Once Wept” is made possible by a Lee Foundation Art and Change Grant.

Click here to download the compilation

To learn more about Sent(A)Mental Project, view or submit art, visit: http://sentamentalstudios.weebly.com/