Mark C. Jerng really went in with their review of Stories for Chip, a tribute anthology to Samuel R. Delany, featuring a story by our own Alex Smith. Jerng’s review does what feels rare to us as “marginalized” sf writers and that’s go to the trouble of talking about the influence of Delany’s work (and the work within the anthology itself) outside of binary categories of capitalist empire. Our neighbors were saying this is one hell of a good review. Delany fans, dig in.

a sampling of the printed works of Alex Smith (thus far) sitting on his coffee table

#selfcare is remembering that you are a part of a #continuum that stretches beyond yourself, that #ancestors have decreed you a part of the #myth , that you are not just changing the world, not just envisioning the world made better, you are that change, that vision. you’ve done it, but you’re not done. #rise #scifiart #scifi #afrofuturism #storiesforchip #blackquantumfuturism #zines #metropolarity – Alex on Instagram

Ask your local library to carry Stories for Chip or buy a copy here.