METROPOLARITY is a corner store sci-fi & thought collective that first took form in the linear imperial year 2012.

We began a collision and exist now as a process, a documenting of becoming, a node in a network, a place of witnessing and comfort, plotting, an example hard work, an example of the counter, alternative, proof. It was and is an experiment, but now consists of tools, gatherings, and practices that interweave with the landscape of Philly grown resistance culture.

METROPOLARITY: The manifestation of contrasting principles, tendencies, or lifestyles in an urban system and any reactions resulting from encounters between these forces.

We wield “science fiction” voice and word to manifest world-paradigms necessary for our survival. Empire does not welcome this. Ride with us against empire.


We work for the people. We are always working.
We demand that institutions and other organizations and individuals with endowments and operating budgets respect our time-energy when contacting us. Furthermore, we do not provide free “inspiration” for your curriculums, exhibits, boards, etc. Pay us.

Email: metropolarity at gmail dot com

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