Records for those who have yet to witness for themselves. Meet the team that created a dystopian West Philadelphia film where black folks rise up to fight police brutality

29th Annual Lambda Literary Award Finalists Announced

Mask Magazine: Interview with Metropolarity

Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia: Free For All with Black Quantum Futurism & METROPOLARITY

SAMEK Art Gallery: Tomorrow Never Happens ~ Queer Futurity and the Aesthetics of Utopia

SF MOMA Open Spaces: assassinating infinity: an interview with metropolarity

Free Library of Philadelphia: Soft Targets: Vulnerability and Violence in the New Post-Apocalypse

New Museum Seminars: (Temporary) Collections of Ideas around SPECULATION
watch full video – skip to 1:07 for our part

Kelly Writers House: METROPOLARITY LIVE at the Kelly Writers House WPXN 88.5FM

Recess Critical Writing Program: YOU HAVE 4 MESSAGES

Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo: RIPExpo 2015 FEATURED GUESTS

4th AUX Curatorial Fellow Anthony Romero and METROPOLARITY present Erasures watch full video

Philadelphia City Paper: A West Philly collective aims to elevate underrepresented voices in science fiction literature and beyond

Broken Pencil Magazine: Zine Philosophy: METROPOLARITY

Digital Media + Learning: Teaching Urban Digital Literacy Outside Schools