OCT 27: Philly Zine Fest

This Saturday, OCT 27 at the Rotunda (4014 Walnut Street) is the 10th annual Philly Zine Fest.

Metropolarity resident cyborg, Maggie Eighteen, will be there with their post-binary dystopian zine, ALL THAT’S LEFT. They will also have audiobook cassettes, and patches & pins for cyborgs. Rumor has it there may even be particle physicist and Central High alum (260!) to answer your questions about dark matter and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Ooooh~

This event is FREE and ALL AGES. NOON to 5 PM.

“The annual fest showcases local artists and zinesters, as well as zine distros, bringing DIY, radical, whimsical, and artistic small press publications to the public. Ranging from bike repair to poetry to crafts, the Zine Fest is a great place to go to learn new things, connect with local writers, and get involved with creating new forms of accessible media.”

For more information, visit the Philly Zine Fest website here.