people making zines and listening to a reading at the Roots and River x Femme Dreamboat Zine-A-Thon, 17 March 2013


Ohh the Zine-A-Thon! This was a good way to spend a Sunday. We sat around a line of tables piled high with crafting supplies, surrounded by books and zines in the anarchist book shop, Wooden Shoe. The crews behind Roots and River Philly and Femme Dreamboat zine had invited Metropolarity along to read as part of their cozy fundraiser. Among all the zine making there were snacks, there was some five for five pizza action, and there was a lot of really good casual radical discussion the likes of which is usually only seen on tumblr threads.

Cyree Jarelle Johnson kicked off the readings with Femme Privilege Does Not Exist, a must-read/must-listen essay that seemed to generate a minor paradigm shift online about femme-centered discussions (and even had its own follow up video).

Then R. Phillips of The AfroFuturist Affair read us a very delicious bit of spherical time travel, quasi hard science fiction…

Ras Mashramani closed out the night reading from our PILOT EPISODE ZINE, answering IS SCI-FI POLITICAL, and expounding a bit upon Metropolarity’s intentions. Then they read Web 1.0 Raises a Woman and we all wept.

Overall, a good time was had.

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