Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air

Sass n smash 2: SGNLS, Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air, Joyce Hatton, the films of April Anderson, Andromeda Sky more tba

Hello! Your new friends at ANDROMEDA SKY (Danni, Leah, and Alex) would like to welcome you to our debut ritual! Yes, our “band” is embarking on our first journey and we’d like for you to attend! This is it!

cosmic space time mind tunnels, alternative universes, dystopio-future***a furious mesh-mash of tangled wires, dislodge connections***if Orwell and Moroder did compositions for the Sex Pistols

**Good Night Stars Good Night Air**
real transient dreams, space star gazing planetarium psychedelia**if wind swept wisps made dance music remixes for Tangerine Dream

**Andromeda Sky**
debut outing for stellar witches**confusing transcendental noise and shambolic tectonics**if Massive Attack and Starhawk went to church with Sonic Youth

**Teenage Bigfoot**
all gnarled out wolf-mangle of urban sea pirates**skateboard shanties for the spike and claw sects

**Joyce Hatton**
interdimensional myriad mind-spaces fluctuating in heartbeat time**casual dream poet , primordial goddess of the universe

**April Anderson**
the eye

“The earth owes me nothing. I owe the earth”– Vinnie Paz