DOWNLOAD our 2013 Archive Zine

The compilation of our first two zines spanning 2013 was called the 2013 Archive. We printed 100 official copies with NEON covers and sold it all over east coast zine fests, readings, and from our shop section. You can read bits and pieces from it here on the site under tag zine #3. Now you can download it. We offer two formats: one for printing and folding yourself, and one for reading on a screen.

click for link to download single page screen format of our 2013 archive zine      click for link to download double sided print format of our 2013 archive zine


1) Our pilot episode from March 2013.
+ Hello Hello by Shane Jenkins
+ SCIFI || POLITICS essays from the Metropolarity crew [also here]
+ The PTSD by R.Phillips
+ Redundancies by Warren Longmire
+ Culling the Herd by C. Renee Stephens
+ Cyborg Apocalypse by Maggie Eighteen [also here]
+ Networks
+ Resource Spotlight
+ Crew Love
Designed & laid out by Ras Mashramani

2) The weapons of perception (media literacy jawn from our free brochure) [also here]

3) Our season premier episode from July 2013.
+ Yolanda by Suzy Subways [also here]
+ The Adhesion of the Eyelids by Patrokolos
+ Gentry by Maggie Eighteen [also here]
+ A 21st Century Mind Revolution by Melissa Moore
+ Creating New Space-Times by R. Phillips
+ two-page comic spread by Pyroglyphics/Shawn Alleyne
+ Networks
+ Resource Spotlight
+ Excerpt from the Great Collapse and Our New Community by John Morrison [here in full]
+ DIY Wormhole by Daniel Richter
+ Crew Love
+ Contributors
Cover design collab by KellyAnne Mifflin & Chaska Sofia. The rest designed & laid out by Ras Mashramani

4) Our 2013 media dump/selections/reading list [also here with links]

Bonus story from Alex Smith [also here]


If you want to distro the 2013 archive, send us a message first at metroplarity @ gmail.

This post’s photo is of Eighteen and Rasheedah having a great time during their hour long sci-fi spot on Really Rad Radio, which ran for the duration of the 2014 Allied Media Conference in Detroit. Thanks MMGZ and everyone else.