Alex Reviews: Why I Kinda, Sorta Don’t Really Totally Love the Edy Hardjo’s “The Secret Life of Super-Heroes” or Whatever

Did you know? Alex has written most of our event descriptions, and perhaps famously, our HERALD. Now he will regularly write and share some reviews here. And suddenly, my Facebook wall is inundated with the strange, twisted images of super-hero mego toys pouring hot cooking oil on top of each other, bare-assed pissing on the …Continue Reading

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#LIFEONLINE Worksheet: Reminiscing for Defense

What happens when you don’t have a physical body or can exist in multiple places at once? The Life Online workshop debuted at the 2014 Allied Media Conference in Detroit, inviting participants to share their experiences & memories of life online. We discussed early online memories, anonymous/fractured personas, strange/unsafe/nurturing cyberspaces & supervision (or lack thereof), …Continue Reading

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They said Yolanda was an arsonist. I don’t know — I guess they tried her as an adult. We never saw her again. But I remember seeing her face bent toward the sandy earth that day, and I don’t think she was sadistic. Just curious. And Connor was the only kid who had talked to …Continue Reading